King Black Dragon (Level 276)Edit

The KBD can be very annoying to kill if you do not have the right supplies. He resides in a cave beneath the wilderness, but can be safely accessed VIA a portal in Edgeville and Falador. He resides in a FUN PK zone, meaining that in this zone if you die you will respawn in Falador but keep ALL of your items (There is an exception though, the warning is down below). This also means that other players can attack you if you are in this area, so be careful.

The King Black Dragon!

Killing Tactics!Edit

Killing the KBD really isn't that hard, but make sure you at least have the following items

  • A decent 1H weapon, such as a Whip or a God Scimitar.
  • Good food, like Shark.
  • Prayer potions, and super potions (though those are not really needed)
  • A Dragonfire shield is a must have, as the KBD's dragonfire can hit you well over 50 without one. The Anti-Dragon Shield works too, but the Dragonfire shield would be better because of its higher defence bonus.
  • Good armor, such as Vesta's or Dragon.


A word of warning! If you teleport out of the area, either by the portal or a spell, and you are killed while teleporting, you WILL drop your items! DO NOT LEAVE IF YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK, YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR ITEMS!